Types of Massage

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Athletic Improvement »

Symptoms: Achy Muscles, fatigue, long recovery times, tightness, loss of flexibility

Related Causes: As an athlete builds their muscles they tend to overlook the passive needs of flexibility and rest. Athletes need to use as much active stimulation and work as passive ones.

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Deep Tissue/Trigger Points »

Symptoms: Stress headaches; shooting pain; sore knots in the muscles.

Related Causes: Stress headaches are commonly caused by prolonged periods of driving or working at a desk which can create poor posture habits. This causes us to overstress the muscles that support our head, neck and shoulders. Shooting pain is often the result of trigger points, or knots in the muscle that refer pain, tingling or general achiness to another part of the body.

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Myofascial Release »

Symptoms: Feelings of tightness in the joints; chronic pain; carpal tunnel syndrome; plantar fasciaitis.

Related causes: A need for myofascial release commonly results from injuries and surgical procedures that cause scar tissue. The scar tissue restricts normal movement and needs to be broken up.

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Somatic Cranial »

Symptoms: Feelings of being overwhelmed and overstressed; Lack of connectedness with your body; Migraine headaches; Fibromyalgia; Attention Defecit disorders; Chronic pain.

Related causes: Overwork or traumatic experiences of any kind from any point in your life; Birth trauma.

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Visceral Manipulation »

Symptoms:  gastritis, irritable bowel syndrome, acid reflux, as well as post-surgical scarring from any type of abdominal procedures including giving birth.

Related Causes: Abnormal tone or surgical scarring working against the body's other organs, muscles, fascial and bony structures.  This disharmony creates fixed points of tension that the body has to move around.

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From my Clients...


"Lucian started working on me in the fall of 97. At first he did a regular full body massage on me after my body started to relax we went on to do myofacial work. While doing the myofacial work a lot of different things came to my mind. Things I really thought I had dealt with years ago. This was a ten week program and I would recommend everyone to start with this program. Lucian then started doing cranial work on me. This is my favorite of all the work he does. The massage is relaxing and the myofacial work helps you to deal with the past issues but the cranial work helped me to deal with the present. The cranial work puts me in a meditative state and allowed me explore many areas of my life. On most occasions it was like a dream state but you know you are awake. It allowed me to view colors, sights and sounds of another dimensions."